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MHBR #8942
MHIC #73624
646 A Main St, Laurel, MD 20707

PurBilt Modular Homes, under the leadership of CEO Samuel Giordano, leads the homebuilding industry. Samuel, with over 40 years of home-building experience and ownership of multiple successful businesses, actively fuels PurBilt’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Our foundation stands firmly upon this extensive industry knowledge, a testament to the enduring presence of the Giordano family in construction.

In collaboration with Richard Giordano, an experienced professional with over 20 years of expertise in sales and communication, PurBilt Modular Homes actively embraces innovation and envisions a future where modular construction takes center stage. Richard’s dedication to creating highly personalized connections with our customers propels PurBilt to new heights. Together, Samuel and Richard actively strive to establish PurBilt Modular Homes as a trusted name across all 50 states, delivering unmatched quality and craftsmanship to our valued customers nationwide.

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Our Mission

To actively provide custom modular homes with exceptional speed and unwavering quality, we actively commit to achieving unrivaled energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Whether you’re seeking a new modular home on an undeveloped lot, a new addition, rental property, In-law suite, ADU for an existing property, or solutions for commercial spaces like churches, nursing homes, and businesses, PurBilt Modular Homes actively stands as the beacon of excellence for modular homes in Maryland.

Our core values revolve around prioritizing our customers at the heart of everything we do. We dedicate ourselves to assisting them in realizing their dreams, whether it’s achieving a perfect home or constructing a thriving business.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the homebuilding industry and make quality, energy-efficient, and affordable modular homes accessible nationwide, we pursue our mission to bring comfort, sustainability, and clean living to all 50 states, setting a new standard for modern living. Through constant innovation and our unwavering commitment to our customers, we strive to create a future where every individual and family can actively enjoy the satisfaction of owning a well-built, eco-friendly, and cost-effective home. In doing so, we actively envision ourselves as the driving force behind a nationwide shift towards quality and comfortable living for all.

Custom Modular Home

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Our Partners

Richard Giordano
  Coalition LLC Real Estate Solutions

At Coalition LLC Real Estate Solutions, we specialize in assisting individuals facing property challenges. We purchase homes as they are, eliminating repair costs, realtor fees, and closing expenses for sellers. Our efficient closing process can be completed in as little as seven days. We genuinely care about your needs, and even if we can’t directly assist you, we’ll steer you toward a solution. Furthermore, we can aid those seeking to sell or acquire land for home construction. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime; let’s engage in a friendly, down-to-earth conversation and determine if we can be of assistance and if we’re a good fit for your needs.