Step into the future of homebuilding with PurBilt Modular Homes, a premier Laurel Modular Home Builder in Maryland.

Our CEO, Samuel Giordano, is a seasoned veteran with over four decades of experience. Added to it is a track record of successful businesses spearheading an industry revolution. Samuel’s passion for excellence is the driving force behind PurBilt’s commitment to delivering unparalleled homes.

At the core of our success is the enduring legacy of the Giordano family in construction. Samuel, a visionary leader, has cultivated a foundation rooted in decades of industry knowledge, ensuring that PurBilt Modular Homes is a name that stands for quality and reliability.

Collaborating with Richard Giordano, a sales and communication expert with over 20 years of experience, PurBilt Modular Homes became a visionary modular home builder in Laurel, not just another home builder.

Samuel and Richard fuel the company’s innovation, envisioning a future where modular construction takes center stage. Richard’s commitment to forging meaningful connections with customers propels PurBilt to new heights, ensuring each home is a personalized masterpiece.

The dynamic duo strives to establish PurBilt Modular Homes as a trusted name nationwide. With a mission to redefine the standards of quality and craftsmanship, PurBilt Modular Homes is on a journey to become the go-to choice for homeowners across all 50 states. 

Join us on this exciting venture into a world where we craft your dream home with passion, precision, and the Giordano touch.

Why Work With Us 

We’re the best modular home builder in Laurel, Maryland. Here’s why Maryland homeowners should consider partnering with us:

Innovation Redefined

PurBilt Modular Homes isn’t just a builder — we are architects of innovation. With our visionary leader, CEO Samuel Giordano, we’re reshaping the homebuilding landscape one dwelling place at a time. 

Imagine a home that blends cutting-edge design with the latest in modular construction – that’s the PurBilt promise!

Enduring Legacy

We built our foundation on the enduring legacy of the Giordano family in construction.  

With a track record of successful businesses, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence that stands the test of time. As your trusted modular home builder in Laurel, we understand your home isn’t just a structure. It’s a testament to your family’s dedication to quality.

Nationwide Trust

We’re not just building homes — we’re building trust. Samuel and Richard are working towards establishing PurBilt Modular Homes as a trusted name across all 50 states. When you choose us, you’re choosing a brand that delivers unmatched quality and craftsmanship, a name you can rely on for a lifetime.

Creating Dreams in Maryland

Maryland is more than just a location — it’s a canvas for your dream home. Whether you’re in the heart of Baltimore or the serene suburbs, PurBilt Modular Homes is committed to crafting residences that complement the unique charm of Maryland living.

We’re the leading laurel modular home-builder in Maryland. Choose PurBilt Modular Homes for a homebuilding experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Let’s turn your dream home into a reality, where innovation, legacy, and personalized connections converge to create a masterpiece uniquely yours. Welcome to a new era in Maryland homeownership — welcome to PurBilt! Call us today for a free consultation.