What is an ADU?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a self-contained living space found on the same property as a single-family home. ADUs vary in size, typically ranging from 150 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft or more, depending on local regulations. They include designated areas for living, sleeping, sanitation, and eating. While some ADUs are tiny homes, not all are considered tiny homes. ADUs are often compact, modular, and prefabricated off-site.

They serve as secondary dwellings, perfect for uses like guesthouses, home offices, or convenient housing for family members without compromising privacy. Depending on local zoning laws, ADUs can also generate rental income, making them a valuable addition to your property and potentially boosting its value.

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Hanover, Maryland

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Silver Spring, Maryland – Before
Silver Spring, Maryland – After

Second Story and Side Additions

When you need more space in your home, moving isn’t the only option. PurBilt can quickly and cost-effectively build second-story or side modular home additions without disrupting your family’s life for months.

Advantages of Modular Home Additions

We specialize in creating beautiful modular home additions that can transform your existing home into a one or two-story dwelling. You’ll benefit from high-quality construction at an affordable price and a faster build time.

Bowie, Maryland – Side Addition

You’re in Control!

As the homeowner, you’re part of the entire process. Our Computer Aided Design lets you visualize and customize your addition from top to bottom. From floors to fixtures, the options are endless and at your fingertips.

Stay Put

Whether you need more bedrooms, a new garage, or expanded living spaces, we can design a modular home addition to meet your family’s needs without the hassle of moving. You can stay in the neighborhood and schools you love without packing up and relocating.