Embark on an exciting homebuilding journey with PurBilt Modular Homes, the pioneering Arnold modular home builder in Maryland. 

400 Alameda Pkwy, Arnold, MD 21012

Arnold modular home builder in Maryland

Leading the way is Samuel Giordano, a seasoned expert with over four decades of experience and success across various industries. Above all, he is at the forefront of a revolutionary wave in the homebuilding industry.

Rooted in the Giordano family’s construction triumphs, he’s a visionary leader who has built a foundation enriched with decades of industry wisdom. 

As a result, this foundation propels PurBilt Modular Homes to become synonymous with quality and reliability, establishing an unmatched reputation as a modular home builder in Arnold.

On the other hand, Richard Giordano is a seasoned expert in sales and communication with over two decades of experience. With him and Samuel collaborating, they have surpassed the traditional role of a home builder. 

All things considered, they have transformed into a visionary force in modular home construction in Arnold. Moreover, they actively inject innovation into the company, envisioning a future where modular construction takes center stage.

Furthermore, Richard’s dedication to building meaningful customer connections propels PurBilt to new heights, ensuring each home becomes a unique masterpiece. 

Above all, the family is committed to solidifying PurBilt Modular Homes as a trusted name nationwide. At the present time, they are marking a significant presence as the best modular home builder in Arnold. 

Why Work With Us 

Explore the exceptional qualities distinguishing us as Maryland’s premier modular home builder. Here are compelling reasons for homeowners in Maryland to consider choosing us:

Innovative Mastery

PurBilt Modular Homes is more than just a construction company — we are innovators pushing the boundaries of homebuilding. 

Under the guidance of our visionary CEO, Samuel Giordano, we are revolutionizing the home construction landscape in Arnold. Thereupon, we blend cutting-edge design seamlessly with the latest modular construction techniques

So, imagine a home that transcends mere shelter and becomes a true PurBilt masterpiece!

Timeless Excellence in Every Brick

Our roots intertwine with the enduring legacy of the Giordano family in construction. As your trusted modular home builder in Arnold, we understand that your home is not just a structure. Above all, It’s a living testament to our family’s dedication to unparalleled quality.

Nationwide Trust Building

Samuel and Richard are committed to establishing PurBilt Modular Homes as a trusted name across all 50 states. 

We strive to be a name you can depend on throughout your lifetime. Thus, we consistently set new standards for modular home construction in Arnold, Maryland.

Transform Your Dreams into Reality With Your Arnold Home

Arnold, Maryland, is the vibrant canvas awaiting the creation of your dream home masterpiece. Whether you love the lively spirit of Arnold or the tranquility of its suburbs, we aim to craft homes that capture the unique charm of this city.

As an Arnold modular home builder in Maryland, PurBilt Modular Homes offers an exceptional homebuilding experience. 

Choose us to liberate yourself from the ordinary. Lastly, embark on an exhilarating journey in which innovation, legacy, and personalized connections combine to shape a genuinely unparalleled home.Contact us today for a free custom modular home estimate. Let us help you take the first step towards making your dream home a reality.