Unlock an unparalleled home building experience with a Hyattsville modular home builder in Maryland — your key to a dream residence.

PurBilt is leading the charge as a Hyattsville modular home builder in Maryland. Our CEO, Sam, brings over 40 years of experience, ensuring expertise in the field. 

He is revolutionizing the industry, with a track record of successful companies behind him. But it’s more than just about business for him — Sam’s passion lies in constructing exceptional homes.

At the core of their success lies the Giordano family’s extensive history in construction. Visionary leader Sam has cultivated profound industry knowledge over decades. Hence, this solid foundation establishes PurBilt as synonymous with quality and reliability.

Richard, who boasts over 20 years of sales and communication experience, is teaming up with him. As the best modular home builder in Hyattsville, he elevated PurBilt Modular Homes to new heights, making the company stand out distinctly among other builders in the area.

Both of them continuously drive innovation, envisioning a future where modular construction reigns supreme. On the other hand, Richard ensures strong connections with all their customers. This dedication guarantees that each home is a personalized masterpiece.

Together, they are on a mission to establish PurBilt as a trusted brand nationwide. With its commitment to elevating craftsmanship and quality standards, PurBilt is becoming the preferred choice nationwide.

So, join us on this exhilarating journey of crafting dream homes with passion, precision, and the distinctive Giordano touch.

Why Work With Us

We take pride in being the premier modular home builder in Hyattsville. Allow us to share a few compelling reasons why choosing us to build your new home is the right decision.

Innovation Driver

First and foremost, innovation drives everything we do. With our CEO, Sam Giordano, at the helm, we consistently push the boundaries of design and construction

When you choose us, you can access homes and floor plans with the latest technology and styles, ensuring your living space is modern and functional.

History of Quality Work

Our longstanding history of delivering quality work in the area speaks for itself because the Giordano family has been a cornerstone of construction for years. Our expertise in building a modular home in Hyattsville ensures you a property that endures the test of time

We also understand the significance of your home to your family. Thus, we commit to crafting a residence that reflects your values and aspirations.

Trust and Excellence

Furthermore, the PurBilt name is synonymous with trust and excellence locally and nationwide. Sam and Richard established it as a reputable brand known for its superior craftsmanship nationwide. 

Whether you intend to stay in Hyattsville or relocate, you can rest assured knowing that we have expertly crafted your home.

Building Dreams in Maryland

PurBilt crafts residences while seamlessly integrating with your distinct lifestyle. We assure you an unparalleled experience with the best Hyattsville Modular Home Builder in Maryland.

Above all, choosing us guarantees a homebuilding journey that surpasses the ordinary. So, let’s transform your dream residence into a tangible reality. 

With us, innovative concepts, time-honored traditions, and personalized attention converge to produce a uniquely tailored masterpiece just for you.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.